Taro Taro No Mi
Japanese Name: Taro-Taro No Mi
English Name: Tarot-Tarot Fruit
Meaning: Tarot
First Appearance: Free Arc 3, Page 33
Class Paramecia
User: Tao Nexuti
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The Taro Taro no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil's Fruit whose effects are mostly unknown, but appear to have something to do with Tarot Cards. It was eaten by Tao.


The Taro Taro no Mi has not yet been seen in its fruit form, so its appearance is unknown.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Tao has not been seen using his Devil's Fruit in combat much, so its strengths and weaknesses are largely unknown.

However, Meteor has noted that the Devil Fruit is rather unpredictable in nature, advising Johnny and Makoto to stay back when Tao uses it. The fruit must also be activated by clapping, so if Tao's hands have been bound or kept apart, he cannot activate its effects. Aside from this, it suffers the standard Devil's Fruit weaknesses.


  • None Yet

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