The Marine Punishment Branch is a special branch that specializes in capturing or killing pirates. This branch was birthed out of the Marine Base G-1 in the Grand Line. The founder and current leader of this branch is Captain Fritz.

The main flag for the Punishment Branch.


A year before the start of the Introduction Arc, Fritz was currently a Commander at the time. He was currently in the Marine Base G-1, pushing to generate a branch that was specialized for taking down pirates. With his hard work, Fritz was able to get the establishment documents and have them signed by a World Government Official. With that being done Fritz was promoted to Captain.

Enhanced Training

During the early stages of the Punishment Branch, Fritz decided to have new marines who were selected for the branch to go through extensive training. The training the marines go through is not like the regular training marines went through when they first joined. The branch's training is ten times more harsh and consists of survival training with very limited resources. As the marines train, they all develop their haki skills. Fritz considers these marines the elite, marines who know what they are doing in battle and have extreme discipline.

First Operation: Trials an Errors

Even though the Punishment Branch was birthed out of the Marine G-1 Base in the Grand Line, Fritz was ordered by a higher authority to start out in the East Blue at Velder Island, one month prior to the start of the Introduction Arc. This happened due to the fact that Fritz needed to do trial runs and see how his men acted in combat situations in an enviroment that is less intense than the Grand Line. With the encounter with Frost and the event at Raven's Point, it tells Fritz that his branch needed to have a revised training regiment.

The Mini-Fleet

The branch has a small operating task force that consists of 9 Gargoyle-class corvettes. Currently, there is only 1 active ship that patrols the East Blue. The rest of the ships are either stationed in the Grand Line, Velder Island, or haven't the required number of personnel needed to operate them. There were originally 10 ships, until one of them had been sunk during the Introduction Arc, by Frost Shinekuya.

Notable Members


  • The Punishment Branch is the first Marine Branch featured in Hedgehog Piece.

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