A typical street in Market Villa, Veil Island's only town.

Veil Island
 is a rather small island in West Blue whose only town is Market Villa, though the town takes up the majority of the island. The rest of the island is occupied by docks where people can park their ships. While Jasmine initially figures that it's a place filled with bad people, this turns out to be only because of Mez's influence. It is the second island that the Red Bow Pirates visited.


Three years before the events of Red Bow Chronicles, Mez showed up on Veil Island and claimed it as his territory. When some residents of the island attempted to stand up to him, he quickly dispatched them, and began ruling over the island with an iron fist. By the time Két and Jasmine arrived in present day, the residents were all living in fear of him without daring to go against his demands. However, partly because Két doesn't like those who control others and partly because of Damaru, Két beat up Mez and freed the island from his grasp.

Known Areas

Veil Island's only town is Market Villa.

Known Citizens


  • The buildings on Veil Island seem to resemble the ones on Luistara, but whether this is coincidence or a consistent theme in the islands of West Blue has yet to be revealed.

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