Viu E. Blaze
Viu's Picture
Japanese Name: Viu E.炎
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Viu E. Blaze
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 4
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Pirates
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Occupation: Pirate Captain
Affiliations: Unnamed Crew; ThunderScars
Epithet: " Green Hand " Viu
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Bounty: Beli Small490,000
Creator: Kwane
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Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Saimin-Saimin Fruit
English Name: Hypno Hypno Fruit
Meaning: Hypnosis; Hypnotize
Type: Paramecia
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While Viu's past remains mysterious, it can be assumed that he witnessed a lot of death and destruction, due to his inability to trust the World Government for keeping the people safe. He also will eventually eat the Saimin-Saimin Fruit.

Introduction Arc

Viu first appeared walking around in a desert like area, he was walking with someone else as well but they seperated at some point. He's later seen climbing onto the ThunderScars' temporary ship, and while it hasn't been confirmed, it is assumed that he took control over a fish and used it to get to the ship. He waits there until the ThunderScars return from their encounter with an Admiral, introducing himself to them all.

Raven's Point Arc

He stays with the ThunderScars until they wreck onto Raven's Point, where Viu gets a bit lost and is eventually captured and enslaved by Crime Boss Hamaki. It isn't until Max stumbles upon him and fights against Ryder for a bit until they're interupted, but that ends rather quickly. After hearing a lot about this Nitro guy in the past day or so, Hamaki decides to send Ryder after him. Deciding he's been there long enough, he mind controls Hamaki into getting him to let him go.

Later, he finds Ryder as he's about to find a way to leave Raven's Point, and convinces him to be the first member in his crew. He, apparently, sent Ryder to find them a ship to steal sometime later. Viu witnessed Raven's Point's volcano erupting from a distance, setting out to find Ryder soon afterwards. He found him being, for lack of a better word, harrassed by Drake's pet lion, informally inducting the two into his crew. After informing Drake of the island's current condition, he seemed a bit worried when he returned with Sol, but none the less, drafted him into his crew aswell. He was also there when Scar randomly jumped onto his ship, allowing him to stay on it. As they finally sail away from Raven's Point, Viu uses his Devil Fruit to make Ryder make something to eat.

Free Arc 1

While he isn't there when it's first revealed that Aqueous Cyan, it's assumed he either had him join the crew or is another one of his hitch-hikers. Viu later calls them all together to get to know eachother better, exchanging backstories, though he refuses to do so himself. He tells them about their next desination, Crab Isle, while apparently going through a few mood switches. Upon reaching the island, he tells them about the corrupt government and how they're going to take them down.

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