The Warp Strike Style is a martial art, that gives it's user the ability to concentrate Ki into their strikes that they seem to warp a short distance. Currently, the only one who is known to use it is Aqueous Cyan.

Technique List

Warping Strike

The user concentrates his Ki into his strike that they seem to warp a short distance, giving the attack more reach.

The length of the strike depends on the mastery the user has over the technique. New practitioners can gain an additional 1-2 inches in reach, more advanced users can gain more or less a fist's distance in their strikes. Those who have mastered the technique can gain half an arm's reach. It is said that some masters have the ability to gain an arm's length in reach. This also applies with kicks.

Passing Strike

The user can fire of his Ki upon contact, giving the ability to pass through solid objects, such as walls and armor plating.

This is an advanced technique that requires the user to have mastered the Warping Strike technique. The power of the strike that hits the target is roughly equal to how much power the original strike had upon impact.

Strengths and Weaknesses


The warp Strike Style is indispensable when fighting armored units or fighting large amounts of enemies as the user can extend his reach and take his fight closer to his enemy without getting closer himself.

Another thing is that the user does not suffer from the risk of getting counter attacked or grappled as he is effectively fighting at mid range. Also this style poses no threat to the user, as he does not risk injuring his fists or his legs upon impact.


One flaw of the Warp Strike is that the power diminishes if the users target is too far. This is not a problem when the target is only an inch or two away, but when the strike is launched at farther than fist's length the power diminishes. The power launched at a little farther than a fist's length is only at 7/8 of its original power, at half an arm it already half it's original power, and at the length of an arm it's 1/4 its original power.

Another weakness is that the it takes a lot more effort to use a Warp strike than a normal strike, because of the user having to concentrate his Ki into the strike. This makes it very hard for the user to fire off successive strikes, getting in two or three strikes at most.

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