The following is a list of events as they take place in the world of Hedgehog Piece, starting from the past heading towards the present storyline.

Note, that some dates on this page are either estimates or non precise time units and therefore are subject to change as the storyline progresses on.


Before the Great Age of Pirates

When did it happen? (Years Ago)
~??? years ago
Mobians and Humans lived amongst each other. It has been said that the Humans overpopulated the Mobians at this time.

Great Age of Pirates

When did it happen? (Years Ago)
~50 years ago
Tao Nexuti is born.
~48 years ago
Lilith Nexuti is born.
~34 years ago
Meteor Luzi is born.
~31 years ago
Michi Canera is born.
~29 years ago
Spikular Noten is born.
~28 years ago
Liam is born.
~27 years ago
Charles Tala is born.
~25 years ago
Fritz E. Kriegs is born.
~24 years ago
Nancy is born.
~23 years ago
Két Ara is born.
~21 years ago
Neroe S. Yamanaka is born.
~20 years ago
Viu E. Blaze is born.
~19 years ago
Frezisius A. Aerion is born.
~18 years ago
Dark Ranoki is born.
~17 years ago
Jasmine is born.
~16 years ago
Jenelle Neveah is born.
~15 years ago
Patchella Degrass is born.
~14 years ago
Sol Shinekuya is born.
~12 years ago
The Great Age of Pirates/Piracy ends. How and why is unknown. The World Government abducts Sven R. Pocalyptic as a child.
~9 years ago
Anise S. Divine is born.

The New Age of Piracy

When did it happen? (Years Ago)
Current Storyline
Nitro V. Kaian forms a crew called the ThunderScars after escaping the hands of a Marine ship headed to Impel Down and stealing a ship. He meets and helps Dark Ranoki escape imprisonment while fighting a Marine Commander on his ship. Max Hedgedroid finds himself on the same ship as them and helps to defeat the crew of the Marine ship. Nitro goes on to defeat the Marine Commander. Afterwards, Admiral Alpha confronts the three, but the ThunderScars and Max decide to retreat back to their ship.

Anise S. Divine wakes upon a Marine cargo ship, imprisoned and screams for help. From that, Frost Shinekuya comes to help her and they take over the ship. While doing so, they run into Toadi Firma and lets him be on their ship. Right afterwards, Blitz Talon crashes into their ship and they all sail towards Raven's Point.

Viu E. Blaze finds himself on land, talking to a little ball of light. It disappears after a while of talking and Viu heads towards the ocean to try to get off the island. He uses his Devil's Fruit to hypnotize a fish and ride them to a nearby ship, which happens to be the ThunderScars' ship. From there, he stays with the ThunderScars.

Tyder T. Ingram is being escorted by a special group of Marines, but escapes their grasp at the hands of his Devil's Fruit. Using his super-speed abilities, on Raven's Point, he finds and enters a small, seemingly abandoned, Marine base. He then sees and greets his friend Sixxis Dargos. He would then break him out of his jail cell and they both blow up the Marine base, only to be sent flying into the air and off of Raven's Point.

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