Zarah Zarah no Mi
Japanese Name: N/A
English Name: Psycho-Psycho Fruit
Meaning: Psychokinesis
First Appearance: Free Arc 1; Comic 22
Class Paramecia
User: Kazu Justice
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The Zarah Zarah no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and manipulate objects or people like a form of psychokinesis. "Zarah" fruit was eaten by Bounty Hunter, Kazu Justice.


Kazu's main strength has to be the ability to manipulate objects from afar, the exact reach he has in unknown. He can do anything from demand a particular object to impale his enemies or lift them from the ground. While using his abilities, he also has an advantage of being more mobile as well.


This has yet to be analyzed or revealed. Although, Kazu Justice has the regular basis of DF user's weakness, water.

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